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4th Generation of Nadi Astrology Service

Guruji. Samantham Guru swamy

Guruji. Bala Subramaniyam

Guruji. China Pillai Nayanar

Guruji. C. Raju Swamy


What Do We Do ?

Respected spiritual people, believers of astrology, I am born in a community which is renowned for the very deep and subtle knowledge of Astrology and accuracy in Prediction.

I am doing Nadi Prediction as a sacred service with ethics and morality. To gain relevant experience I performed Nadi Reading in a few places and have 100% satisfied clients in Tamilnadu,Hyderabad,Telangana, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra pradesh, Madhya pradesh, Delhi, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana. I am currently into Online Nadi Reading and have 100% satisfied clients in India, Singapore, Europe, Malaysia, USA, Africa, UK, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Nigeria, Koria, Japan, Thaiwan, Hong Kong, Newzeeland, Srilanka and a few other countries. I have got mastery in various branches of Astrology and Natural Medicines. I am using my complete knowledge for the well being and benefit of everyone using modern technologies like Website, E mail, Skype, Facebook, etc. so that people overseas may be benefitted. I recommend apt and permanant solutions for small and severe problems faced by my customers. Its my main duty to guide everyone following which they can lead their life with utmost satisfaction. I am doing this service with the blessings of all Gods, Maharshis and Gurus. I am glad and proud to say that I have Thulliya(Refined and Corrected) type of Nadis like Thulliyam, Maha Thulliyam, Athi Thulliyam, Sukshma Thulliyam, Athi Athi Thulliyam.

In the future I have planned to do all type of rituals, and services related to Natural medicines. I have aim to form a group of my own disciples to keep alive the various branches of Astrology and Natural medicine.

I also have ideas to found a few trusts, hermitages, temples for Maharshis. I'll also help the people who don't have anyone to support. Till the end I'll work for the welfare and wellbeing of Human beings and Nature.

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