Nadi Astrology Remedies


Why should we do remedies ?

Everyone doesn't seek guidance through Astrology. Everyone who gets the guidance about remmedies don't tend to perform them. Some people are subconsciously stimulated to do some remedies like doing pujas to their hereditary deity, daily puja, offering food, help to orphans, donating for holy rituals, founding trusts and community hall. This subconscious stimulation is actually a knowledge or guidance blessed by the God as a result of their virtues and noble deeds in their past births. Those who don't get this knowledge naturally can seek the same from the manuscripts already written by Maharshis who knew the past, present and future (Trikaal Gnaani). Those people can get the knowledge about their future. There are several obstacles in fulfilling the responsibilities and leading a peaceful life. These obstacles are the result of the sins committed in the past births. By knowing the Shanti chapter, the native would be able to know about the past birth karmas and also the remedial measures by following which they can get eradicated from the problems due to those

When people face serious problems, they are not able to know the reason for a few of them. They are not able to know the reasons for the obstacles, unsteady mind, life without prosperity, lack of affection between the family members, problems in giving birth to a child, hereditary physical or mental problems, lack of spiritual knowledge and benefit through it, less pleasure etc. At those times, times a question arises in their mind, "What sin I have committed and in which birth that I'm going through such a grief?" To get the answer for these questions they can seek Shanti Chapter. In this they can get the detail of the past births like their name, place of birth, noble deeds, name of their parents, the virtues, noble deeds and sins committed and the ways to get eradicated from those like offering, shrines and Gods to be worshipped, and also the proper way of worshipping by following which they would be able to lead a successful life.

Even after following all these some might not be able to get rid of their problems. Some of them are disgustion, legal litigations, diseases, loss in business, problems in working place, diversity between family members, no opportunity to use great talents, arising of several questions to the self, ones whole talent and effort is utilised by a person before his eyes who is not at all related to any part of the field, bad effects due to partially favourable planetary position, envy, bad effect due to bad vision of bad people, conspiracy, smoke oil intoxication, mantrikam, witchcraft etc. To get rid of all these, some puja should be performed by mantra chanting and repeating the native's name, moon sign, birth star, ascendant, name of lineage etc. The detail about this mantra, the ways to triumph, name of the deity or Guru to be worshipped for the whole life, which mantra should be chanted etc. from the palm leaf manuscript are being explained. This is the ultimate guidance given by the Maharshis themselves.