About Nadi History


History of Nadi Astrology

In ancient times, when there was no practice of writing down, nadi astrology was designed in the form of songs and Siddhas and their disciples have been giving nadi Astrology advice to those who born in the royal family. Later they gave them written form and wrote them on palm leaves.

Thus Nadi Astrology written on palm leaves was protected by the kings and they used to get advice from it at the necessary times of their lives.

They had advisors from a traditionally deep rooted community called valluvar with them to read the notes written on the palm leaves and interpret their meanings to give advice. Nadi Astrology was used by royal family members for many generations by the help of valluvar community people.

The people of this Valluvar community belong to Divine Poet Mahan Thiruvalluvar dynasty who written Thirukkural.

A few centuries ago, some countries who invaded India looted the treasures of the royal family but they left these palm leaves behind. At that time, the advisors belonging to the Valluvar community, who knew the greatness of those nadi astrological palm leaves, have been protecting them and providing them for the use of people till today.